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About Us

OneHeartBeat Percussions comprises a team of experienced Arts Practitioners, Managers, Educators, and skilled Artist Facilitator.

We work on many musical platforms such as Community Music-making Events, Facilitated Music-making Programmes for schools and organizations, Arts Education Exposure Programmes, customizable ensembles and performances for corporate functions and team-building events.


Our main objective as an organization is to empower a community of learners to realize their full potential through music-making, in order to create a future where the arts is an integral part of one’s learning and development.
To date, we have and are working closely with educational institutions (such as Mainstream Schools, Preschools, Special Needs Schools, Student Management Centers, and At-Risk Youth Agencies), Government Agencies, Senior Activity Centers and Nursing homes, and Adult Learning Centers, where we customize music-making programmes for each demographic.

We are recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and endorsed by the National Arts Council (NAC) under the Enhanced Endorsement Programme.
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